My mom literally admitted to having a crush on one of my sister’s friends


#StepUpALLin crashes into theaters August 8th! Dancers are taking over. Are you #ALLin?

this movie is going to be a hot mess
leftovers93: That video you posted with wc. Is that your real voice or are you sick? Cuz that raspy voice is amazinggggg 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘. Also do you sing?

uhhh i might actually be getting sick! but no that’s pretty much my normal voice, i guess AHAA. I don’t sing!! I mean I like sing and dance around my room all of the time, but it’s not cute at all HAHA. ^^

this is really personal sorry
Anonymous: That's nice!! What are you majoring in? Are you going to be in a frat, dorm?

My intended major right now is history! :) I’m dorming this year but I might join a frat next year who knows

OMG I am literally so furious with my mother I cannot stand this woman honestly I am filled with rage right now

life, liberty, and the pursuit of dick

uckfu replied to your video “xoxo gossip girl i’m so bored maybe i will hit that anon up and make…”

u sound really nice

hehe thank you!! ^^


white juggle girls be like….