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If any of my followers are like juniors/seniors and you need help or advice applying for college or anything I would totally help you figure things out or find you good resources for information!! literally just let me know even if we aren’t mutuals or anything I would love to help anyone I can applying for colleges is really stressful sometimes!!


ok so the college im applying to has a statement section:

Please tell us about the particular life experiences, talents, commitments and/or interests you will bring specifically to our campus that will enrich our community.

how long should it be/what kind of stuff should i mention/also where do i mention my grades dropping due to me missing school because of health issues

I don’t know about your school in particular, but when I applied last year to schools, they typically have a section saying something like, “Is there anything else you wish to tell us?” And that’s usually the section where you would talk about any hardships or special circumstances you may have or in your situation your health issues, so I would see if there isn’t something similar on the application, and if not, you could discuss your health issues as a part of your “particular life experiences” because clearly they have have a significant impact on your person and character. 

As per how long it should be, if it doesn’t have a recommended word length, I would try for around 500 words, which is about normal for a college essay. Even if you could theoretically write as long as you wanted, forcing yourself to be concise will make your writing and your message a lot more clear and powerful. 

I would figure out first what exactly you are trying to say and what kind of point or message you are trying to create. For example, for my personal statement I talked about my sister’s drug problems, and how as a result of dealing with them how I changed as a person. If you know what your general theme or message is, you can then pick the most important pieces of evidences or examples that you can use to support what you are trying to say. 

You can really write about anything that is important to you as long as you can put passion into your essay and really make the topic your own. 

my mom likes to make comments about my body and my appearance all of the time and then wonder why I don’t want to talk to her

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