ryan - 19 - seattle hehe

extremely gay

Anonymous asked: Rlly sad u didn't follow me back I hate life bye

oh if you’ve followed me or sent me anything expect like a few days before I respond or check out your blog bc it takes me forever to do that sort of thing

my sister just stepped on a slug and all I can hear is her moaning in terror around the house

i feel like “stay woke” is the next phrase white people (read: white twinks) are going to ruin


Anonymous asked: Could you post a selfie? You haven't posted one in forever


can i have both pls

omg i remember one time when i was in like the 2nd grade, some girls lunch box went missing and i had been watching law and order since i was like a fetus, so my friends and i went around the playground trying to solve the crime and like interrogating suspects and trying to find clues and then we presented our case to the victim and then she told us her mom brought her lunch box and she had just forgotten it at home and i’ve never felt so stupid in my life 

guys I know irl messaging me on grindr gives me heart palpitations