ryan - 19 - seattle hehe

extremely gay

I puked on a sorority house last night oops

this girl at a table today looked really sad so I made her a free drink and she really liked it and she started smiling and it made me really happy

there’s a new cute gay guy at my work and he definitely thinks I’m cute and I definitely flirted with him a little today and I’m definitely in a good mood now :))

the best thing about working at a grocery store are all of the hot dads I see tbh

Anonymous asked: So does your new sorority know about your sexual orientation?

yeah! well not everyone but like the guys in charge do and I’m sure everyone else will in like 2 days

but I’m being open about it so basically

so i found out that the guy i was talking to was talking to someone else which is fine even though i was super jealous, but then in a weird twist of events I unknowingly started talking to the guy he’s talking to

so now we are in a gay love triangle i guess???

"this pillow is so fucking hard”
— my dad at target

why are you feeding your child at target